Enterprise Groups in Jabber

I just configured the Enterprise Groups for Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

I attempted to keep my original agreement for Users and added a second agreement for Groups to align with my directory structure;

(one existing agreement for ou=Users,ou=XX,ou=YY,dc=domain,dc=tld and one added for ou=Groups,ou=XX,ou=YY,dc=domain,dc=tld)

When running the synchronizations, the groups were added to CUCM as expected and it become possible to add them in the Jabber client. The groups were however empty! I made a few attempts with manually running both of my sync agreements without any success – the groups stayed empty.

Reconfigured the synchronization to start at one higher level in our directory (ou=XX,ou=YY,dc=domain,dc=tld), fetching users and groups within the same agreement, and it worked as a charm! (Be careful here though, you might end up with more users that you’re not expecting – depending on your AD-layout and previous filters in place).

The result; (with actual members in the groups) 😉


As an additional note, remember that there are currently no search feature from within Jabber for the group, you will have to know the exact name of the group, and it is case sensitive. Add the groups from File, New, Directory Group.