FCAL for BR-825

Note to self: To enable FCAL for BR825 from an ESXi-host, download (from QLogic), transfer to ESXi-host and install the BCU ESX CLI-plugin;

esxcli software vib install --no-sig-check --maintenance-mode -d /path/to/bcu_esxXX_X.X.X.X.zip

Run the following commands;

/opt/brocade/bin/bcu port --topology 1/0 loop
/opt/brocade/bin/bcu port --topology 1/1 loop
/opt/brocade/bin/bcu port --disable 1/0
/opt/brocade/bin/bcu port --disable 1/1
/opt/brocade/bin/bcu port --enable 1/0
/opt/brocade/bin/bcu port --enable 1/1

To update firmware, run the following command;

/opt/brocade/bin/bcu boot --update /path/to/brocade_adapter_boot_fw_vX-X-X-X.tar.gz -a