UCCX Finesse IE Compatibility

Just noticed after an upgrade from UCCX 10.6 to 11.6 that IE11-settings can become troublesome.

Login and call-handling actually worked as expected, but it was impossible to load CUIC-based gadgets.

The resolution:

  • Document mode must be set to Edge.
  • Compatibility mode must be set to Off.
  • If Enterprise Mode is running, the URL(s) should be set to apply Desktop profile.
  • Also, if running Chrome instead, remember that recent versions require the CN to be included as a SAN as well in the certificate to avoid warnings.

Unable to add host to Nexus1K/DVS?

I ran into the issue when trying to add a new host to a Nexus1K that the host selection screen was just empty. This was fairly well documented by VMware in KB2039046, even though the SQL syntax was not really.. ..perfect?! :).

For ESXi 6.x, run the following SQL query against your VC DB (replacing dvSwitch below);

DECLARE @dvs_name varchar(32);
DECLARE @dvs_id int;
SET @dvs_name = 'dvSwitch';

Restart the vCenter service, and voilà!

FCAL for BR-825

Note to self: To enable FCAL for BR825 from an ESXi-host, download (from QLogic), transfer to ESXi-host and install the BCU ESX CLI-plugin;

esxcli software vib install --no-sig-check --maintenance-mode -d /path/to/bcu_esxXX_X.X.X.X.zip

Run the following commands;

/opt/brocade/bin/bcu port --topology 1/0 loop
/opt/brocade/bin/bcu port --topology 1/1 loop
/opt/brocade/bin/bcu port --disable 1/0
/opt/brocade/bin/bcu port --disable 1/1
/opt/brocade/bin/bcu port --enable 1/0
/opt/brocade/bin/bcu port --enable 1/1

To update firmware, run the following command;

/opt/brocade/bin/bcu boot --update /path/to/brocade_adapter_boot_fw_vX-X-X-X.tar.gz -a


So. CCIE you say? Voice? 2014.

With this blog, I’ll keep a track of where I am and what needs to be done.

For those of you who already know me, you also know that it has been several attempts on this quest before. Hopefully this will be the last on this topic. Err, it will be the last. IF I would fail, there is probably not another chance that I’d be able to retake the Voice exam. Cisco has updated the exam which will be in effect mid-february, so in that case – we are talking about a new blueprint, new rules of engagement and new topics.

During this past weekend, my dearly beloved father has passed away but I really hope I’ll still be able to focus properly on the preparations.

So. Here is the plan;

Mon 30th Dec
Prepare the physical lab-environment. Start reading up on different scenarios and QoS-theory.

Tue 31st Dec
New Years, and hopefully some theory.

Wed 1st Jan
..a decent hangover, and hopefully some theory.

Thu 2nd Jan
First attempt with IPExperts practice labs. Most important, find pitfalls and time-consumers that can be done more efficiently.

Fri 3rd Jan
Lab attempt. Hopefully? Might have to take the day going to Stockholm, we’ll see.

Sat 4th Jan
Lab attempt.

Sun 5th Jan
Lab attempt.

Mon 6th Jan
Lab attempt.

Tue 7th Jan
Lab attempt.

Wed 8th Jan
Travel to Brussel, possible to recap on theoretical things.

Thu 9th Jan

…and then?
WAIT! Hopefully I’ll never get the email stating that my score report is available. If I do, I’m screwed and have to a.) immediately check for lab openings before the version changes, or, b.) start preparing for collaboration instead. If I don’t, I’ll get an email stating “Congratulations” and I’ll be on my way to pop a bottle of Churchill.